How it all Started

In the beginning there was a Camera Club (the WIMBORNE CAMERA CLUB). In 1971 a Movie Unit was formed which, in 1974, became “Minster Films”. In 1976 the Camera Club re-located, at which time the Club premises were handed over to Minster Films. In 1982 the name changed again, to “Wimborne Minster Cine Club” and, in 1991, as with most Cine Clubs, the decision was made to include “Video” in the title.

Then came video….

Initially, low resolution, heavy camcorders with full-size VHS tapes. But it wasn’t long before technology got into gear and the equipment became smaller, lighter and much more sophisticated. Today, the Club concentrates almost exclusively on the production of video and DVDs in digital format right up to the latest High Definition offerings. Occasionally, some of the old cine films are dusted down and shown, thus ensuring that their roots are not entirely extinguished.

And Now?

The Club’s annual season runs from the first Friday in September to the last Friday in May. There is a large car park adjacent the Clubhouse and parking is free after 6pm. Meetings start at 7.45pm with a break for refreshments at about 9pm. The Club is equipped for all types of video presentation on to a Big Screen, including Wide Screen. Potential new members are welcome to come along as visitors to see what we are about.

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