Chairman: Gary Court: Started making movies on Std-8 in the late 1950s. Didn’t continue with Super-8 but, after a few years’ gap worked for a period with a 16mm Bolex RX5.  Changed to video in 1991 and joined WMCVC.  Currently working with mini-DV in 4:3 and 16:9 aspects.

Vice-Chairman & Treasurer: Chris Durham: Started making cine fims in 1966, using an 8mm camera, while still at school. Then dabbled with Super-8 for a while, but gradually lost interest due to the logistics of editing film and adding sound tracks. His interest was reawakened once video cameras and computer based editing became available.  He joined the club in 1998 and was on the committee for 6 years until work commitments in 2007 meant hobbies took a back seat. He is now back in the fold, hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Hon. Secretary: Rory Morrison, MBE: Started filming in the early 80s when teaching at a boys’ Prep School.  Rory tells the story. The 6th Form (aged 13)  asked if they could make a film.  “We don’t have a camera.” I said “My dad’s got one!”  “ What do you want to film?”  “We want to rob a jewellers shop and escape to France in a boat.” And this masterpiece was to be in French!  Every boy had a part.  Every boy worked the camera and several of them helped to edit it. A tremendous learning curve for me….. and for them too!

Competition Secretary: Vacancy

Programme Secretary: Trevor Guess: Having bought a camcorder for the birth of his first grandchild, it was used mainly for family occasions and recording holiday trips.  However after joining  the Wimborne Video club Trevor realised he could make films that were far more “watchable”, and has continued to benefit from the advice and help the club freely provides for all it`s members.

Members’ Representative: Trevor Williams:  Trevor joined the club some 2 years ago as an experienced filmmaker and has since led a number of club video projects.

Social Secretary: Terry Hopwood: Super-8 ciné camera purchased in 1960’s. Little time for editing so transferred to stills photography. Joined Wimborne Camera Club specializing in B/W prints and ‘Coloursound’. This dropped away owing to  work taking priority. It wasn’t until near retirement that I took up video filming. Joined WMCVC and have benefited immensely, both technically and socially.

Newsletter: Marion Westcott: First discovered filming in the early 80s when her son purchased a video camera to film her grandchildren. She’s hardly put it down since. On joining WMCVC she says she has learnt so much. Improving both her filming and editing, which she first did on a jog and shuttle VCR. She much prefers her iMac!

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